Dogs trained in the army are very helpful for soldiers. They are trained in 8 different trades. These trades are decided on the basis of their eligibility even before the training of these dogs begins. These trades are Tracker, Guard, Mine Detection, Explosive Detection, Infantry Patrol, Avalanch Rescue Operations, Search and Rescue, Combat and Norcotics Detectors.

In the last one year, these dogs have saved the lives of soldiers and common people by searching for 30 explosives. These dogs helped chase and kill five terrorists and recovered 14 weapons. Apart from this, 4 people buried in snow saved their lives. The army administration also calls for help in rescue and search in natural disasters like earthquake and avalanche. The dog units of the Indian Army are appreciated all over the world and there is a great demand for trend dogs in the army training centers in allied countries. Trained dogs are working by the Indian Army in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Colombia.

Dog handlers from many countries like South Africa, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Seychelles take training in India. General Toshiya Okabe, Chief of Staff of the Army of Japan visited the Dog Training Center in Meerut three years ago and was greatly impressed by the dog units of the Indian Army.

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