India and China to come together in September 2020 in Kavakaj ( Russia)
Amidst the continuing tensions between India and China on Line of Actual Control (Laddakh and 5 other areas) , the news of Indian and Chinese soldiers on a common ground for millitary exercise is of strategic importance for both the countries.
Russia will host this joint military exercise in Astrakhan region of Southern Russia. Scheduled to be held from 16th September to 26th September. Eighteen countries will be participating in the joint military exercise. Along with Russia, India, China and Pakistan, there will be Iran, Egypt, turkey, Syria and middle east countries participating.

India is set to send a total of 176 soldiers of which 140 from Indian Army, and rest 38 from the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. The exercise will let the participating countries develop techniques while facing a common enemy.

Though Indian and Chinese army come together every year for a bilateral military exercise “Hand in Hand” that was started in 2007. India and Pakistan came together in 2018 annual SCO meet held in Russia last year.

The tension between India and China built up over the three and a half thousand kilometer long “Line of Actual Control” since May . On May 5, there was a skirmish between the soldiers of the two countries at Pangang Lake in Ladakh and since then the troops of both countries have been face to face in many places including Galvan Valley, Hot Spring and Gogra. On June 15, a total of 20 Indian soldiers, including the commanding officer of the 16th Bihar Regiment of the Indian Army, died in a clash in the Galvan Valley. At the same time, 45-50 soldiers of China are reported dead. At present, more than 40,000 soldiers of both countries are deployed face to face in Ladakh.

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