China has started accumulating large-scale army after the Indian Army’s action on 29-30 August. The incursion of the Chinese army into the Mukhopri area of Chushul on 7 September has been foiled by the Indian Army, but more such actions are expected from China in the coming days. China has deployed a battalion of the PLA Ground Force near Rechin La on 1 September. China has deployed two battalions near Spangur Lake.Rechin La and Rezang La were captured by the Indian Army on 29–30 August. From here the Indian Army can also keep an eye on Moldo Cantonment of China. The intention of China is to re-occupy these peaks of strategic importance here. In addition to deploying a battalion in front of Rechin La, China has deployed two more ground force battalions near Spangur Lake. All of them are part of the 62 Combined Arms Brigade present at Shikwane.

China has deployed two motorized divisions in Ladakh. The 4th Motorized Division extends in front of Chushul and the 6th Motorized Division extends from the west side of Pangang to Daulat Beg Oldi. Squads of 4 motorized
division tanks have taken over around Spangur Gap. The Indian Army has also deployed its tanks and armored vehicles in all locations around the LAC from where there is a possibility of a major attack from China, while performing a
mirror deployment.

There are wide plains in this area, which is good for the action of tanks and armored vehicles, from here the armies of both the countries can make big attacks.

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