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Pakistan Army has suffered a huge setback as large number of soldiers and some officers have got infected or have been quarantined awaiting results of corona virus tests. (sources)

Our Sources suggest that the number of corona virus affected personnel in the Pakistan Army is 230, so far, out of which 40 have been tested positive.

Area wise Muzaffarabad is at top with 21 personnel confirmed infected by corona virus. Here is the area wise breakdown:

  • Gilgit Baltistan: 28 quarantine
  • Muzaffarabad : 21 infected
  • Domel : 41 quarantine (incl one officer)
  • Bagh : 9 quarantine
  • Rawalkot : 9 infected 14 quarantine
  • Kotli : 2 infected
  • Mirpur : 45 quarantine
  • Balochistan : 8 infected (incl two majors)
  • KPK : 55 quarantine, 1 infected
  • Punjab : 1 infected

There are lot of Army persons who are suffering because either they were doing courses in China and European country, were on pilgrimage to Iran and Saudi Arabia or on trips (most of external affairs are done by them). Once some were infected, since no mechanism could enforce quarantine on them, they infected more. Also they infected their family members. That’s why spread is more in areas of Punjab and Sind.

To avoid media glare and also to prevent more infection to Army personnel, their families and political families, they decided to establish quarantine facilities in PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan. Now they can’t have purely Army guys and families, so they are forcing other civilians to move to these facilities too. With these camps getting concentrated in these places, people of PoK & Gilgit-Baltistan are going to find themselves at a greater risk of infection. The Corona pandemic is wrecking havoc worldwide, and Pakistan in no way seems to be prepared to handle situation. After Iran, Pakistan could very well be the next hotbed for corona virus infections & given the state of their preparedness, India needs to be very careful handling the situation within our borders too.

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