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ARMY DISTRIBUTES FREE RATION AND SUPPLIES TO DAILY WAGE EARNERS, MIGRANT LABOURERS AND THE NEEDY DURING THIS HOUR OF NEED Srinagar: Friday, 27 Mar 2020. Living upto the expectations of being a ‘Humsaya’ and in its continuous efforts to help and assist the people in their times of need the Army distributed rations among the daily wage earners, migrant workers and the needy. Considering the lockdown announced by the Govt to avoid spreading of Corona virus Disease (COVID-19) the Army came forth to help the disadvantaged sustain the lockdown with minimum problems. This initiative is being undertaken throughout the Valley at grassroots level to ensure the well being of the Awaam. Hundreds of persons were benefited, and many more will be reached out to in the coming days.

In another continuing initiative by the Army, posters and leaflets containing various advisories and precautionary measures are being posted throughout the Kashmir Valley. These will help educate the masses and safeguard them from the possibility of inadvertently becoming carriers of the disease.

These initiatives in such trying times by Army will bring much required relief to the deprived as also safeguard the Awaam. The endeavour to reach out the population by all possible ways and means will continue in the days to come.

Indian Navy Mobilises IL38 – Transports Face Masks from Delhi for Goa Health Workers

A shipment of 60,000 face masks ordered by Indian Medical Association, Goa to offset the shortfall in Goa was stuck at Delhi as trucks could not proceed further in the current situation of lockdown.

A request for facilitating transportation of the masks to Goa was made by the President, Indian Medical Association to the Indian Navy at Goa.

Accordingly, an Ilyushin 38SD (IL-38), a Long Range Maritime Reconnaisence Aircraft of the Indian Navy, was promptly readied to depart INS Hansa for Palam Airport, New Delhi today, 27 Mar 2020. The collection of the items at Delhi was coordinated by Air Force Station Palam and the aircraft returned to Goa with the masks the same day.

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